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Teeth Whitening – The Facts

Teeth Whitening – The Facts

Posted by: Purrfect Dential

Teeth Whitening has been available for some years but recently it has leaped to the top of the cosmetic treatments list. More and more patients are asking their dentists about teeth whitening and many are asking if there are side effects or if it can causes damage to teeth. On the other hand research shows that there is an increase of over 300% in demand for modern whitening techniques so it is quite possible some people jump right in without asking any questions at all. Well here are the answers to some of the questions are asked and some important facts that anyone who is considering cosmetic teeth whitening should know.

Teeth Whitening – does it work?
Dentists would never recommend a treatment unless they were convinced that it was safe and effective. Professional teeth whitening, administered by a dentist, definitely falls into this category and there can be little doubt that it really does work. What’s more the results can be an absolute transformation as the popularity of the treatment goes to prove. If your dentist performs the teeth whitening procedure you can have a smile to be proud of in just a few hours. Alternatively you can take the diy route. Ask your dentist to make you a tray and perform the procedure yourself, at home, over a period of several weeks. You will need to be patient and ensure you complete the full treatment plan but in the end you will be very pleased with the results.

Why do I need to whiten my teeth?
People choose to whiten their teeth to gain a more confident and attractive smile. White teeth look better, but unfortunately everyone’s teeth are stained by food and drink. Over time, tea and coffee as well as red wine, soft drinks and the colourants in food all contribute to discolouration. Some medication can also cause staining and smokers’ teeth can become permanently stained if nothing is done. Tooth brushing alone cannot restore teeth affected by many years of staining. And often people whose teeth are badly discoloured may over-brush in an attempt to remove stains damaging the enamel covering of their teeth.

What happens in the teeth whitening procedure?
Teeth whitening treatment essentially lightens the colour of your teeth to improve your appearance by reducing tooth discolouration, giving you a brighter smile. The term ‘whitening’ is misleading however as teeth vary in colour and no one actually has white teeth. Teeth differ in shade and some people’s teeth are naturally darker than others. The actual degree of ‘whiteness’ achieved will vary from patient to patient but the results are invariably a great improvement.

In-surgery whitening is fast and makes an immediate difference. During the procedure whitening gel will be applied to your teeth by the dentist and a special light used to activate the gel. Once the gel is activated, it remains on your teeth for 15-20 minutes before further applications. Your teeth can be whitened by several shades and tooth shade charts may be used during the consultation to access your current tooth colour and establish your whitening goal.

For a home whitening kit you will have a custom made mouth tray created by your dentist which you will use for the treatment. The kit includes a whitening gel which is placed in the tray. You then wear the tray for a few hours a day or overnight and improvements are normally seen over a 2-4 week period. Home kits offer a flexible option and although they may take longer, the results can be as effective as in-surgery whitening.

Will I need the treatment again?
Your teeth should never darken back to their original colour completely after professional teeth whitening, but most people notice a slight fade back after 18 months to 2 years. This can easily be remedied by just a few hours use of a home whitening kit.

Will the treatment cause any damage to my teeth?
Properly administered whitening will not damage your teeth. However, whitening procedures should not be undertake without a consultation with your dentist who will examine the condition and sensitivity of your teeth and gums. Some patients may suffer temporary sensitivity as a result of the effect of the whitening gel used in the procedure, but this is usually mild and short term.

What can I do to keep my teeth white?
To help your teeth whitening treatment last as long as possible it is important to avoid food and drink that could stain your teeth for at least a week after whitening. These should also be avoided while administering home teeth whitening treatments. It is also recommended that you stop smoking for as long as possible as this is also detrimental to your health.

More information on dental healthcare issues can be found on the Longborough Dental Practice website

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Teeth Whitening – A Real Alternative

Teeth Whitening – A Real Alternative

Posted by: Purrfect Dential

Interestingly as the credit crunch hits the UK consumers are also thinking about teeth whitening as a real alternative to buying items like ipods, designer clothes or even other beauty treatments as they want the glowing white smile but do not necessarily have enough money to spread for other purchases.

Teeth whitening has become extremely popular in 2008 as TV makeover programs and famous stars are having the treatment and making it more mainstream and acceptable.

Along with many other forms of beauty treatments and ways to improve your well being and generally make yourself feel better laser teeth treatment is now a popular treatment for many who strive for personal improvement and a whiter smile.

Laser teeth whitening is performed in many salons by trained professionals who apply a chemical normally chlorine dioxide on the teeth and then the laser oxidises the chemical which speed sup the process and the whole treatment is then undertaken in an hour resulting in the staining being removed.

There are two ways to have your teeth whitened – one is done by a dentist or teeth whitening professional and it is called professional tooth whitening system; and the other is done at home through various do-it-yourself kits.

Managing the customers expectations is probably the biggest area that needs to happen as some customers will expect to have white teeth like Britney Spears or Simon Cowell but this simply is unlikely to happen and most people’s teeth will get whiter but only as far as their natural colour will allow. To get white bright teeth like the stars the only way is to have veneers by the dentist and these can cost a fortune and this is why laser teeth whitening is now considered a real alternative when considering teeth whitening.

Yellow or stained teeth can make the people look inferior. It also results in causing social insecurity. But now there is no need to look inferior as perfect teeth whitening is there to rescue. So, one can go for teeth whitening with ease.

Everyday staining of teeth is caused by the likes of smoking, red wine, coffee and sauces and eventually the enamel on the teeth gets impregnated and stains the teeth. The laser teeth whitening treatment gets deep in to the enamel removing the stains and brightening the teeth.

When you think teeth whitening you might think this is something that is going to appeal to mainly women but more and more men are taking are turning to teeth whitening as a way of improving their wellbeing and beauty.

Having a bright white smile is something that people are striving to desire and with Hollywood superstars all having glowing white teeth this has helped the teeth whitening industry grow over the last five years. With so many teeth whitening options available today ranging from diy kits to dentist trays sometimes the consumer is over whelmed with the options but Zoom teeth whitening is one solution that will not give you a headache in the process as the treatment is safe and very effective.

The author is involved with a teeth whitening website or for Teeth whitening UK.

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Assessing Your Teeth Whitening Alternatives

Assessing Your Teeth Whitening Alternatives

Posted by: Purrfect Dential

Does the discoloration of your teeth give a you look that is older than you actually are? Peoples teeth become discolored for an assortment of reason. There are some of us that have teeth that are naturally dull compared to other peoples teeth.

Then there are some people who unintentionally stain their teeth over a period of time, either from smoking, or consuming drinks that stain their teeth such as tea, coffee, red wine, as well as cola type beverages. Then there are others that experience discoloration of their teeth due to a side effect of an illness or medication that they are taking

Choices for Getting Your Teeth Whitening

There are basically three options for the person who wants to get his teeth whitened and those are; utilizing special types of tooth whitening toothpaste, utilizing home whitening remedies, and getting your teeth whitened at your local dentist’s place of practice, through your dentist oversight.

Teeth Whitening Through Toothpaste

One of the least costly as well as most accessible whitening method that is available is that of tooth whitening toothpaste. Numerous individuals try these toothpastes to increase the brightness of their smiles prior to getting the more expensive whitening treatments. Sadly, these types of toothpastes that encourage whiter teeth simply take away stains from a persons teeth through the use of mild abrasives. The reality is they don’t actually whiten your teeth in the way people think.

This fact is not very surprising when you take into consideration that the toothpaste only comes in contact with the surface of a persons teeth for a very short time period, and whatever agents used for whitening are very diluted because of the contact with the water and your own saliva you use to moisten your own toothbrush.

Home Whitening Treatments

Teeth whitening treatments that are sold over the counter are typically the most popular method to brighten a persons teeth, These types of treatments normally are made up of strips that are coated with bleaching gel that the user sticks to the six front teeth on both the top and bottom of their mouth.

These strips are typically very effective; your teeth will be noticeably whiter once you finish a two-week treatment of them. Nevertheless, there are some individuals who report going through a period of both tooth as well as gum sensitivity after utilizing bleaching gel; then there are other people who have complaints that the gel’s taste stays in their mouth after they have completed the treatment. And lastly, there have been some individuals who have complained that this methods overall effect is to whiten their teeth in an irregular way, leaving areas of discoloration where the strips do not stick completely to the teeth they were supposed to.

Additionally, there are some individuals who show more then just their 6 front teeth whenever they smile. People who see these individuals smile might be able to notice a variance in the color from the teeth that are treated and the teeth that want untreated.

Whitening Your Teeth Under Your Dentists Supervision

One of the most effective methods of getting your teeth whitened is to get them whitened professionally through your dentist or a hygienist. These types of professionals have the knowledge as well as the resources to prescribe a more concentrated and more powerful substance of bleach than many home whitening remedies have within them. Your dentist also has the ability to make up custom trays to hold the bleaching gel in place against your teeth.

There are some dentists that utilize whitening gels in combination with a unique light which augments the brightening properties of the special gels. These teeth whitening treatments have a tendency to be more expensive than the do-it-yourself methods around, yet they typically have a longer lasting effect, more consistent results throughout your whole mouth, not simply your 12 front teeth.

Listen to Korbin Newlyn as he shares his insights as an expert author and an avid writer in the field of beauty. If you would like to learn more go to Teeth Whitening System advice and at Teeth Whitening By Beauty Salons tips.

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