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Electric Toothbrush – Experience the Ultimate Feeling of Tooth-brushing

Electric Toothbrush – Experience the Ultimate Feeling of Tooth-brushing

One of the latest innovation in the health technology is Electric Toothbrush. An electronic toothbrush is a specially designed toothbrush which uses electric power to move the brush head. This is claimed by scientist that this kind of brushes are much more effective than normal manual toothbrushes. Because these toothbrushes leaves less room for patients [...]

Where to Find Invisalign – Who do You Know?

Where to Find Invisalign – Who do You Know?

It would be silly for me to give locations of dentists that offer Invisalign and tell you exactly where to go for treatment. There are just too many. If that is what you are looking for than you can stop reading now. There are a lot of options out there for people who are looking [...]

Advantages of Invisalign Braces

Advantages of Invisalign Braces

Invisalign braces are non-traditional braces that provide a solution to individuals who do not wish to be saddled with the stigma of having an awkward smile while wearing braces. The main difference between invisalign braces and traditional braces is that it is not obvious to others that you are wearing braces with the former, as [...]

Electric Toothbrush For Teeth So Bright, They Shine!

Electric Toothbrush For Teeth So Bright, They Shine!

An Electric toothbrush is an appliance that is used as a toothbrush just like the name suggests. This toothbrush uses electric power to clean the teeth. The usual process of cleaning the teeth can be very tiring, since for most people it is the first thing that they do in the morning. An electric toothbrush [...]

Your Basic Guide to Invisalign

Your Basic Guide to Invisalign

What Is Invisalign? Metal braces used to be the prescriptive treatment for misaligned teeth and teeth gaps. With advancing technology comes new methods and ways to correct misaligned teeth. Today, the mostly sought alternative is invisalign aligners. Invisalign aligners are made of plastic, clear and removable materials that are subjected to custom built procedure to [...]

Controlling Dental Pain, Fear and Anxiety

Controlling Dental Pain, Fear and Anxiety

Dental phobia is the serious, often paralyzing fear of seeking dental care. It has been reliably reported that 50% of the American population does not seek regular dental care. An estimated 9-15% of all Americans avoid much needed care due to anxiety and fear surrounding the dental experience. This translates to some 30-40 million people [...]

Teeth Whitening Naturally – Home Remedies

Posted by: Purrfect Dential

If you are looking for whiter smile then tooth whitening can be very effective way of lightening your teeth color. Tooth whitening is a highly effective way of combating stains created from smoking, eating and certain drinks such as too much coffee, tea and alcohol. Cigarette smoking is very bad for your overall health and may cause damage to organs and tissue. Cigarette smoking is another deterrent from naturally white teeth.

There are few home remedies for teeth whitening that work best for teeth stains. Bamboo powder, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, and silica are very good removers of plaque and stains from the teeth.

Hydrogen peroxide is the most common and popular natural lightening agent. It can be combined with lemon juice, baking soda, baking powder etc. Lemon juice and strawberries may not be the best home remedies for teeth whitening. They can cause an acidity which can weaken your teeth. They are natural whiteners but too much use of it can weaken your teeth. For best result, simply rub them directly on your teeth or mash into a paste. Apple cider and white vinegar are also very effective home remedies for teeth whitening.

Smoking and the consumption of certain foods and drinks will speed up the discoloration process. Tooth whitening only works on natural teeth. You must avoid certain foods and drinks such as alcohol, tea and coffee. If you are ready to change your eating habit, home remedies for teeth whitening will be more effective.

Toothpaste with teeth whitening properties will be beneficial for your teeth. It will help your efforts for a whiter brighter smile. This natural effort for whiter teeth may take longer to achieve than the chemical whiteners but the results will still be noticeable. Bamboo powder, calcium carbonate and silica are some of the ingredients you can find in the natural teeth whitening toothpaste. Silica cleans and whitens the teeth. Stains are removed with silica and there is no side effect.

One of the best home remedies for teeth whitening is to reduce stain of the teeth and promote healthy gums by drinking lots of water. Drinking a lot of water steers you away from drinking other drinks such as cold drinks, red juice coffee and tea that are tend to stain or discolor teeth.

You can save hundreds of dollars you would have used to pay to your dentists or buy expensive systems by using these home remedies for teeth whitening. However, home remedies for teeth whitening will take some time to show results, but it will be cost effective with no side effect. Avoid few things such as coffee or garlic; these things will make it more likely for you to have a bad breath. So you must try to avoid them as much as you can. If you smoke, then it will leave some stain on your teeth. You really should try to quit smoking. It is not only bad for your breath and teeth but also bad for your health in general.

It is better to try these home remedies for teeth whitening before rush to your doctor for a medical treatment. Home remedies are not only effective but also free from side effects.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

Nick Mutt writes on natural health and has published many ebooks on herbal treatments and home remedies. He is one of the popular authors on natural health topics. To get brighter smile read more Home remedies for teeth whitening at Natural Cures guide – a health guide to make you and your family live better, fit and healthy.

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The Benefits of Invisalign

Posted by: Purrfect Dential

Do you need braces but you dont want a mouthful of unsightly metal wires and bands? Consider the alternative offered by Invisalign. This modern treatment which can address various dental and orthodontic conditions is not embracing the traditional metal braces. Impressions are taken of your teeth, then a computerized treatment plan is developed. The output can provide you a glimpse of your smile with the corrected and aligned teeth including the time frame of the treatment process.

The necessary correction measures for your dental problems involve the application of a set of clear plastic aligners. Each aligner is modeled to adjust a single tooth or a small group of teeth. These devices fit over the surface of the teeth, eliminating wires, and are usually worn 20 to 22 hours a day. A slight feel of pressure exists every time you wear a new set of aligners but it is definitely much more tolerable than metal braces.

Each set of aligners is worn for about two weeks, then is replaced, advancing your treatment. The success of Invisalign depends upon your commitment. Research studies conducted revealed that the common metal braces treatment takes around 36 months but in some cases it could be as long as 96 months. In the case of Invisalign treatment, the average treatment period is within the range 12 to 18 months.

Must Requirements For Invisalign

Here are must requirements to be satisfied when using Invisalign:

1. Set aside aligners before eating

2. Brush your teeth after eating and before putting back aligners to your mouth

3. If you grind your teeth at night, you may wear the liners down before the next set is needed. Check for wear and replace the worn aligner promptly.

4. You have to wear the aligners for at least 20 hours but not more than 22 hours a day.

If you fail to keep the aligners in for the required length of time, the next set in the series set may not fit. Thus, new impressions and aligners will be necessary, adding to the cost. The cost of Invisalign varies by need and geographic area. For some, the cost is comparable to that of conventional metal braces.

Advantages of Invisalign

1. Aligners are clear plastic, almost invisible, unnoticeable when in place

2. Convenience in wearing and tolerable discomfort compared to metal braces

3. Ease of use-aligners are easy to place or remove

4. Easy maintenance since cleaning is just required at least once daily

5. Improved oral hygiene as aligners are removed for meals, teeth brushed after eating

6. Lower cases of tooth decay during treatment

7. Shorter timeframe for treatment. Results of studies revealed an average of 12 to 19 months correction period

8. Decreased irritation to tongue and inside of mouth since causing objects like wires are not present

9. Can be removed for special occasions

So if you want to improve your smile without metal braces, talk to your dentist or orthodontist about the benefits of Invisalign.

If you suffer from overly crowded teeth or widely spaced teeth and wearing irritating metal braces is not something you cherish having, then the invisalign program is for you. Contact us at

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Teeth Whitening For the Feel Good Smile

Posted by: Purrfect Dential

Unless you have been living on Mars for the last 5 years or totally isolated yourself from the world of movies, TV and television, you’ve probably realized that more and more people are starting to whiten their teeth to achieve teeth like the stars.

Originated from Beverly Hills in the USA the benefits are you can dramatically whiten your teeth in just about an hour with the scientifically advanced ZOOM! Zoom teeth whitening is another option for those that want to whiten teeth.

Zoom teeth whitening is a process that lightens discoloration of enamel and dentin. One of these new professional systems is the Zoom teeth whitening procedure.

As you get older the teeth get stained easier as the enamel get slightly thinner and by have a treatment like laser teeth whitening then you have a good chance of removing the staining and regaining your smile again.

If customers want Simon Cowell’s bright white teeth then paying thousands of pounds at a dentist is their option as laser teeth whitening will remove the day to day staining and whiten their teeth back to their natural level.

Everyday staining of teeth is caused by the likes of smoking, red wine, coffee and sauces and eventually the enamel on the teeth gets impregnated and stains the teeth. The laser teeth whitening treatment gets deep in to the enamel removing the stains and brightening the teeth.

When you think teeth whitening you might think this is something that is going to appeal to mainly women but more and more men are taking are turning to teeth whitening as a way of improving their wellbeing and beauty.

Having teeth like stars of the big screen is very appealing to many people and therefore looking at options including laser teeth whitening. In many cases the rich and famous actually would have veneers fitted to their teeth instead of embarking on teeth whitening but this is not always a well publicised fact.

Other methods of teeth whitening includes the teeth whitening strips which are not sold in the UK because of legal reasons but are brought in to the UK through the likes of Ebay and selling direct over the internet. Again the teeth whitening strips require a discipline every day and this is not always possible due to many factors and this will defer the effectiveness of the treatment.

Lastly there is the laser teeth whitening treatment which has seen a massive increase in popularity due to the treatment only taking one hour and the results being effective and safe.
Whatever you choose to make yourself feel good at least this article helps you understand a little more about the options available

The authors runs a website that offers great advice on teeth whitening visit

Teeth whitening uk

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