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Electric Toothbrush For Teeth So Bright, They Shine!

Electric Toothbrush For Teeth So Bright, They Shine!

Posted by: Purrfect Dential

An Electric toothbrush is an appliance that is used as a toothbrush just like the name suggests. This toothbrush uses electric power to clean the teeth. The usual process of cleaning the teeth can be very tiring, since for most people it is the first thing that they do in the morning.

An electric toothbrush makes use of the electric power in order to move the brush head in the normal oscillating pattern, which is how any normal person would move their brush manually. These toothbrush are often called as rotary toothbrush because of their moving and cleaning patterns.

This appliance not only caters to lazy and sluggish people but it can be very profitable for people who do not have much time. An electric toothbrush gives the option of doing something else, simultaneously. The usual process of brushing the teeth can be very boring and monotonous, with the electric toothbrush your can start your morning with an exciting and lively process and this brings a new zeal to life. This extraordinary device gives you a sparkling smile, with twinkling white teeth.

The electronic parts in most of the electronic toothbrushes are entirely sealed in order to prevent it from any kind of water damage. This product is used with water, keeping this in mind the proper construction and designing was done to forestall any water related damage. An electric toothbrush has no exterior metal contacts.

These toothbrushes need to be charged as they use electric power to run. They can be charged using a technique known as inductive charging. Within the brush unit there is one half of a transformer, and in the charge-unit the other abstracted part of the transformer is present. When both of these units of transformer are brought together, a varying magnetic field in one coil induces the electric current in the other coil, which in turn allows the battery to charge. This appliance needs to be charged in a precise manner so that it can give a quality performance. Many other electric toothbrushes run on replaceable batteries and disposable or rechargeable batteries which erases the electric charging process. These batteries are stored in the bottom, in general, which makes these devices much more thicker than a normal toothbrush.

People who use electric toothbrush are bestowed with white teeth which shine like stars. These devices are sometimes considered as the electric toothbrush and as the status symbol too. This lavish appliance creates an impact by providing a high quality performance. This works better than any normal toothbrush.

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Your Basic Guide to Invisalign

Your Basic Guide to Invisalign

Posted by: Purrfect Dential

What Is Invisalign?

Metal braces used to be the prescriptive treatment for misaligned teeth and teeth gaps. With advancing technology comes new methods and ways to correct misaligned teeth. Today, the mostly sought alternative is invisalign aligners.

Invisalign aligners are made of plastic, clear and removable materials that are subjected to custom built procedure to correct teeth alignment problem. It uses revolutionary computer technology using three dimensional modelling to precisely calibrate aligners that are worn in 2-week increments. The design process of invisalign aligners with the aid of orthodontist involves the repositioning of your teeth in a step by step pace until the desired position is achieved. It also allows you to examine your entire treatment plan including the progress of your teeth alignment after the treatment stage.

Invisalign aligners are removable type allowing you to take out in cases such as eating, brushing and flossing. With invisalign, you can address the proper alignment of your teeth and be able to wear that perfect smile without the need for traditional metal-wire braces, brackets or bands that have long been used in conventional orthodontic practice.

Is Invisalign For You?

If you are frightened by metal braces, brackets or wires, the way to go is invisalign technology. Through the use of a series of invisible and aligning trays customized for your teeth, it helps you beam that perfect smile sooner than what the traditional braces or brackets can do. If you are after comfort and you are concerned getting ridiculed as metal mouth, invisalign is an option you can take. However, technology is just half of the equation. The other half is as important as well. You have to find the right orthodontist that can do the job well. If he lacks the expertise, experience or qualifications to transform your smile perfectly, then better find another one.

Advantages Of Invisalign

- aligners are virtually invisible, discreet and removable

- no more wires, metal or brackets that can cause mouth abrasions

- it is designed with utmost comfort in mind. You can remove the aligners when eating, brushing or flossing.

- viewing of the virtual treatment plan is possible thus allowing you to visualize the final outcome of your teeth alignment. You can even effect alternation on the expected outcome.

Invisalign Treatment And Cost

The application of treatments differs for the period of 6 months to one year. Sometimes, it may cost 20 to 50 percent more than traditional methods of treatments. In most cases, the cost involved is relatively in the same level with that of conventional braces. The final cost of treatment is dependent on other contributory factors like the extent of the repositioning work to be done on your teeth and this influences the number of aligners that need to be custom-made for you.

Comparison Between Invisalign and Metal Braces

For teeth straightening, invisalign speaks the trend of the present and the future. While braces are still effective, invisalign, with all its advantages and the comfort that comes with it, is the clear choice. You can avoid some hassles like going to your orthodontist for the adjustment and tightening of wires. With Invisalign technology, you are properly guided all through out the procedure.

If you suffer from overly crowded teeth or widely spaced teeth and wearing irritating metal braces is not something you cherish having, then the invisalign program is for you. Contact us at

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Controlling Dental Pain, Fear and Anxiety

Controlling Dental Pain, Fear and Anxiety

Posted by: Purrfect Dential

Dental phobia is the serious, often paralyzing fear of seeking dental care. It has been reliably reported that 50% of the American population does not seek regular dental care. An estimated 9-15% of all Americans avoid much needed care due to anxiety and fear surrounding the dental experience. This translates to some 30-40 million people so afraid of dental treatment that they avoid it altogether.

In terms of your dental health and overall well-being, this can have serious ramifications. Besides chronically infected gums and teeth which can affect your medical status, your ability to chew and digest can be seriously compromised. Without healthy gums and teeth, your speech can be affected as well. Your self confidence can be compromised if you are insecure about your breath and smile. This can lead to serious limitations in both your social and business environments.

The key to good oral health is prevention – stopping problems before they arise. Unfortunately, people who suffer from dental anxiety often fail to visit the dentist for routine care. When they finally do go, often a small preventable problem has turned into a problem which will require major intervention.

The consequences of such neglect don”t stop at the mouth. “These people compromise their appearance, they have bad breath, they don”t work with the public, they don”t date,” says psychologist Philip Weinstein of the Dental Fears Research Clinic at the University of Washington, Seattle.

People with dental anxiety have a sense of uneasiness about the upcoming dental appointment. They may also have exaggerated worries or fears.

Dental phobia is a more serious condition that leaves people panic-stricken and terrified. People with dental phobia have an awareness that the fear is totally irrational but are unable to do much to change this. They exhibit classic avoidance behavior; that is, they will do everything possible to avoid going to the dentist. People with dental phobia usually go to the dentist only when forced to do so by extreme pain.

Other signs of dental phobia include:

  • Trouble sleeping the night before the dental exam
  • Feelings of nervousness that escalate while in the dental office waiting room
  • Crying or feeling physically ill at the very thought of visiting the dentist
  • Intense uneasiness at the thought of, or actually when objects are placed in your mouth during the dental appointment or suddenly feeling like it is difficult to breathe

Fortunately, there are ways to get people with dental anxiety and dental phobia to the dentist.

Causes of Dental Phobia and Anxiety

There are many reasons why some people have dental phobia and anxiety. Some of the common reasons include:

  • Fear of pain. Fear of pain is a very common reason for avoiding the dentist. This fear usually stems from an early dental experience that was unpleasant or painful or from dental “pain and horror” stories told by others. Thanks to the many advances in dentistry made over the years, most of today”s dental procedures are considerably less painful or even pain free.
  • Fear of injections or fear the injection won’t work. Many people are terrified of needles, especially when inserted into their mouth. Beyond this fear, others fear that the anesthesia hasn’t yet taken effect or wasn’t a large enough dose to knock out any pain before the dental procedure begins.
  • Fear of anesthetic side effects. Some people fear the potential side effects of anesthesia such as dizziness, feeling faint, or nausea. Others don”t like the numbness or “fat lip” associated with local anesthetics.
  • Feelings of helplessness and loss of control. It’s common for people to feel these emotions considering the situation – sitting in a dental chair with your mouth wide open, unable to see what’s going on.
  • Embarrassment and loss of personal space. Many people feel uncomfortable about the physical closeness of the dentist or hygienist to their face. Others may feel self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth or possible mouth odors.

The most important step to overcoming dental anxiety is finding a good dentist. Discuss your fears with him.

A good dentist is one who:

  • Is patient
  • Is highly competent
  • Endeavors to make each meeting pain free
  • Genuinely cares about you
  • Has the ability to nurture you through past traumas

Ask friends and family for dentists they recommend. Feel free to ask any potential dentist about his practice, practice philosophy, and the steps he or she takes to make dentistry pain free and anxiety free. Remember, do not be intimidated. You are the consumer and it is the dentist who should be selling you on his or her service.

Once your dentist knows what your fears are, he or she will be better able to work with you to determine the best ways to make you less anxious and more comfortable. If your dentist doesn’t take your fear seriously, find another dentist.

Alexandr Bo is editor of — Your Dental Health. We write, post and ask dentists from all around the world about secrets of dental care and teeth treatment. On you can find a place for dental tourism for make affordable dental works abroad.

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