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Yellow Teeth – Need For a Makeover

Posted by: Purrfect Dential

Yellow Teeth – Need For a Makeover

Step right up ladies and gentlemen; get your winning teeth whitener ticket! I thought I had heard just about everything until I saw an ad for a tooth makeover sweepstakes. You got it, lotto for yellow teeth. I did not go to the site, but the caption spoke a thousand, or should I say 50,000 words. That was the amount the tooth makeover was valued.

Why does someone even have yellow teeth? Without much thinking, I can think of several reasons why white teeth are not in the cards for everyone. Let us start with food; stains from blueberries, blackberries, beets, gelatin, food coloring, and so forth that cause tooth stain. Then we have beverages like coffee, tea, carbonated beverages, juices and more that prevent our teeth from being their whitest. Next let us consider medicines, it is a well knows fact that tetracycline can cause yellow teeth, but not everyone does not know that the topical applications of fluoride can cause tooth stain. When topical fluoride is applied unevenly this can result in white patches on the tooth surface, this can trap foods and cause a stain. White patches on the tooth surface can also be caused by ingesting too much fluoride. Damaging the enamel surface can be the culprit for yellow teeth. Sometimes a person brushes so often with such harsh teeth whiteners, that we can actually damage the protective surface of the tooth. The list for causes of less than white teeth and yellow teeth is indeed a long list. Some people are just plain born with yellow teeth.

You have yellow teeth. Does that mean you need a dentist to give you a complete makeover for whiter teeth? Should you damage the surface of the enamel enough and develop dental cavities, and then the dentist might just have to give you a makeover. Whiter teeth can be achieved in various ways. Your dental professional could bleach, or apply whiteners. Different artificial coverings can be applied to give you whiter teeth and fillings replaced called dental veneers.

Your dental professional can actually give you a chart for the shade of whites you want your teeth. They can polish, buff, paint, you name it, and they can take numerous measures to make your teeth white. Of course, yellow teeth regardless of the reason, are only going to get just so white. Your dentist will first determine the cause why your teeth are not their whitest. Your dentist will correct serious issues such as cavities, point out trauma, replace metal fillings, or other factors that concern your oral hygiene health. Then the dentist can give you the white teeth you desire for a few hundred dollars and some cosmetics.

To be rid of yellow teeth, keep your mouth clean. Rinse after eating especially if you will not be able to brush. See your dentist regularly for dental checkups and cleaning. Avoid food that stains. Avoid smoking. Avoid using every new fad tooth whitener and yellow remedy that comes along. Trust good sense and listen to your dentist. Do not use your mouth as a chamber for a chemical experiment. If your teeth still are not as white as you hope, seek first professional advice. Let your dentist be your advisor to whiter teeth. Let your dentist tackle your yellow teeth and give your mouth a makeover you deserve. Take care of your teeth, it is true you can get another set, but dentures do not stay white either without proper care. Once you decide what shade of white you want your teeth, then the dentist can apply the proper compound to whiten your yellow teeth.

Yellow teeth bothering you, do you want whiter teeth? Then get your dental makeover.

Dramatic Smile’s dental teeth whitening products are a great way to whiten your teeth. Learn how to achieve bright tooth whitening results.

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